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Character Review: Anju

This time, I decided to write a Character Review, and, one of the most mysterious characters are none other then Anju herself. There are several games that she is in, and I will to review and write about them. I have a few theorys planned for her, and I hope you find them the same way I do, as well. Anju, typically takes care of Cucoos, but, commonly in most Zelda games, she gets “goose bumps” from them, and they get away from her – out of their pen. Which is always a perfect opportunity for Link to find them for her, and she’ll reward you.

Ocarina of Time Appearances. Anju makes her first appearance is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You first find her in Kakariko Village. She explains that she is allergic to Cucoos, and often gets goose bumps from them. Moreover, the very reason why she asks Link so frequently to find them for her in the first place. Though eventually, if you find them all for her, she’ll give you a Magic Bottle. But after that, she just gives you high and not-so-high wages of Rupees.
Though other then visiting Anju in the daytime, at night, you’ll notice a brightly colored, white troll-like person sitting down against a tree, named Grog. Though the only thing he has to say to you are insults, such as “People are disgusting, my Parents are disgusting, you must be disgusting, too…” Besides this brash, crude gremlin, he is actually related to Anju, and is her brother. Technically speaking, most of Anju’s relatives live in Kakariko. The Carpenter is Anju’s father, named Mutoh. And the old hag that lives in Kakariko’s Potion Shop, (otherwise known as “Granny’s Potion Shop”) has a relationship with Grog. Ironically, Mutoh calls his Carpenters worthless, and Granny calls Grog, also worthless, maybe even stupid. Mutoh and Granny aren’t a married couple, but they sure could confuse someone as if they were. Mutoh, Grog, and Anju–they aren’t the most ideal, self-expecting, run-of-the-mill family.

When Link pulls out the Master Sword and travels 7 years into the future, Anju’s family, and life changes. Anju only has 1 Cucoo in her pen, and she eventually gives you a Pocket Cucoo (which plays an important part in the Trade Quest) to wake Talon up. Though she expects you to return it, and in return, you get Grog’s Cucoo that she has been holding on to. A blue-ish Cucoo, that doesn’t cluck. Rather it remains silent.

Later in the game, you can eventually find Mutoh again (which is near the entrance to the Gerudo Fortress) who complains all of his men are held captive by the Gerudos. After you free the Carpenters, in the Trade Quest, you can give him the Poacher’s Saw, which allows him to remake the bridge that was previously broken.

On Link’s journey to the Lost Woods, he’ll eventually meet with Grog again. Link would have to reunite him with Cojiro (the blue-ish Cucoo), that Anju gave Link. Grog does, find out that Link is a “good guy”, and wants you to deliver a Forest Mushroom to Granny (who can be accessible by going inside the newly-placed Potion shop from the Market, and going into the door behind it). However, after you complete his request, Grog is nowhere to be found, and instead, Fado (a Kokiri Girl from Link’s childhood) is in his place. She explains that due to the curse of the woods, Grog is gone, and turned into a Stalfo. She is the one who gives you the Poacher’s Saw. My theory, is that plain and simple; the Lost Woods are cursed.

Only Kokiri can live in Kokiri Forest, but even then, they cannot leave, or else they themselves will get ‘cursed’. Link, however, was a Hylian, and I think Link’s departed mother, pleaded to the Deku Tree, that Link could live there. Under the exception, Link was raised there, and he could feel free to come-and-go. Grog had no exception, and it is unlikely that he was a Hylian in the first place. Thus the reason why he got cursed. That’s my opinion, anyway.

Again, later in the game, you can visit Granny, and she sells you her so called, “Ultimate Potion” for the low price of 100 Rupees. The Ultimate Potion (a.k.a., the Blue Potion), restores your Hearts, and Magic Meter. But it can only be found, and bought, in her Potion Shop.

Anju and Kafei, and the Anju & Kafei Quest. In the sequel to Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Anju has a totally new story. She works in the “Stockpot Inn” in Clocktown, and events continuously happen as time passes, whether that be Gorman (Ingo’s Terminian counter-part) waiting in there until about 9:00 AM, or a Goron checking in, with the same exact name as yours. Anju’s personality is very apologenic, and is protrayed as a bad cook. Anju is also friends with Cremia from Romani Ranch, and if you do not take place in the “Anju & Kafei Quest”, on the 3rd Day she flees to the Ranch, believing that was the only place to go.

Anju had been engaged with her fiancé, Kafei. However, the horrible Skull Kid, used the dark magics of Majora’s Mask, to curse Kafei, into being a child. Throughout the 3-day cycle, eventually you are able to do the “Anju & Kafei Quest”.
Kafei hides himself from Anju, he resents the fact that he has been turned into a child. And occasionally sends her letters. He is a small, purple-haired boy, wearing the Keaton Mask. He is the lost son of Mayor Dotour, and Madame Aroma. The Owner of the Curiosity Shop, is Kafei’s childhood friend. He lets Kafei live in his house. Though Kafei secretly spies on a thief, who is called Sakon. Kafei is positive that Sakon stole something very precious from him, and Anju. It was the Sun Mask, and Moon Mask, made for their anniversary. Link eventually finds Kafei, and learns of Kafei’s life, and how he got cursed. Link tags along with him, waiting in Ikana Canyon, for Sakon to enter his hideout. Both Kafei and Link work together to receive the Sun Mask. Kafei still has time to go back to Anju, who earlier gets the Pendant of Memories, and does not leave Clocktown, and does not flee to Romani Ranch. Kafei reunites with Anju, and as a reward, they both give you the combined mask, the Couple’s Mask.

When you win the game, and everything is resolved, Kafei and Anju get married. However, in their wedding photo, Tingle gets in the way, and blocks Kafei’s true face. How I wonder what he really looks like, the world will, never know.

The Minish Cap. In The Minish Cap, Anju lives in the south-eastern area of Castle Town. She has lost all of her Cucoos, and the mini-game is once again available. Each time you help her, you get Mysterious Shells and an increasing amount of Rupees. But in order to get her last prize – a Piece of Heart, you need the Flippers to swim across to river and find a Cucoo. Other then her mini-game, you soon gain access to her house–as a Minish. Inside her house is full of Cucoo Chicks, and they relentlessly attack you. In human form, they can be cute, adorable little baby Cucoos, but as a Minish, it a horrific trip for Link. But, before you can even access her house, is by fusing Kinstones with someone, and making Spookster (a ghost who stays near the Minish entrance of her house) leave.

I hope you enjoyed this Character Review. I also finished the editing, though there wasn’t much I left out.

  1. Princess Peach
    March 31, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    good article. i think her storys pretty cool in MM

  2. March 31, 2009 at 9:45 pm

    Yeah, though if you compare the games (Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask), she’s much more serious then she is in OoT. I mean, she has a fianceé, making her life grow more complicated. The fact that she lives in such a depressing and short-lived world, is a heavy burden for her to carry. I mean, if you had a eerie, enigmatic Moon glaring down at you 24 hours for three days, generally you wouldn’t have the same sense of happiness you had in the days of old.

  3. Mustachio Man
    April 1, 2009 at 1:55 am

    I like anju. I think her inn is cool, too. except for her bathroom…

  4. Dancing Pianta
    April 1, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    I always have a hard time finding her in Majora’s Mask, and when I do she doesn’t talk to me! But she’s a good character, I think it’s funny that she’s a bad cook!

  5. Mushroom Knight
    April 1, 2009 at 9:37 pm

    neato! shes got such a cool set up in majaoras mask! but i wouldnt want to eat her food. did you ever see it!?

  6. April 1, 2009 at 9:43 pm

    Yeah, it’s usually yellow-ish soap. But judging upon the expression on her face when she takes it to her room, maybe she herself doesn’t favor her own cooking.

  7. squirmyloach
    April 2, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    she doesnt have much plot in ocarina but i love her in majoras mask. i dont think granny in mm likes her food very much

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