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Characteristics of the Quadruplets

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Hi, I wrote a very interesting article that I am sure most people are fascinated with. It is based around the characteristics of the Four Sword Links. You’ll notice that their voices differ from one another, their personalities are all different (based on some official art, and the Manga), and they are all part of Link!

Interactions. In the Four Swords series (I’ve only played Four Swords Adventures) Link and his holographic doubles have to work cooperatively to complete their quest. In doing so they pick each other up and/or throw them, they use formations to align themselves on floor switches or to use their items in a row while simultaneously triggering the obstacle. Most bosses have several weaknesses, and if one bosses’s weak spot were to be “green”, then Green Link would have to slash at it. Then if it were to turn “blue”, Blue Link would have to slash at it, et cetera. No Link is ever quite the “leader”, because they all share an equal part in the adventure. How do you think they feel about these interactions? I will explain their personalities up next, though their way of working together can never be easy. If one should screw up, he might mess up a certain formation, or a plan needed with complete cooperation. Since they are all basically opposites, it must be difficult for them to work together in such a manner.

Personalities. One of the most particularly interesting factors in Four Swords, is that all of the Links have a different personality (based on official art, the Manga, and voices). I think the Four Sword is a magical item that when held, can allow you to split yourself into multiple beings. Take a look at Link, he is a pure-hearted youth that is compassionate, brave, and at times he is even supererogatory (like in The Wind Waker he jumped to save his little Sister Aryll, and didn’t even care that he was to jump off a cliff). Divide one into split beings, and where some people could really show their true colors, Link had split in a form of radiance. I’ll describe the Link’s personalities below:

Green Link- Otherwise known as the Hero of the Four Sword, this Link remains unchanged in his regular personality. He is as he always was, brave, compassionate, and determined to save Princess Zelda from the Wind Sorcerer, Vaati.

Red Link- This Link is a split of Link’s captiousness, greed, and even mischievousness. Red Link’s voice is the highest tone of all, showing that he is definitely more whiny than all of the others. Out of all the Links, he is the most greedy, and in a theory, that might be the cause of how Link can stumble into peoples’ houses and break their pots, open their treasure chests, all out of self benefit. And lastly, he is known for his mischievousness, because at the Official Art below, he is laughing while using the Fire Rod on Green Link. Plus overall it suits his voice to a T.
FSA Links_4
Blue Link & Purple Link- Towards the end of the holographic doubles of Link, Blue Link and Purple Link share a similarity in boldness, braveness, and dignity. Their voices are deeper than Green Link, and especially Red Link. They show the ethic side of Link, and they share the adventurous spirit that Link has. Blue Link could be the more “normal” side of Link, and Purple Link has the deepest tone, that would show that he is the most of dedication to Link.

I hope you enjoyed this article, I also wrote this on Zelda Eternity.

  1. MushroomKnight
    July 2, 2009 at 1:27 am

    cool article. a magna is a comic right? looking at the picture maybe blue and purple links are rivals?

  2. July 2, 2009 at 1:36 am

    Yeah, a Magna is a comic but you read it backwards (I think anyway, if you read a Magna online the concept of that logic might be altared). But yes maybe they could be, and maybe they dislike working with each other.

  3. Dancing Pianta
    July 2, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    Cool article. I like green Link more than the others. Red Link is pretty annoying, and purple Link sounds fat : P .

  4. July 2, 2009 at 4:09 pm

    Well, generally he might because he has the deepest tone, 😆 .

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