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Super Mario 3; A New Jump

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(Do you like the new avatar? Took me awhile to make, it did. The contrast between green, bright green, and yellow fits quite well to the name: “Elven Warrior”.)

Hail, I thought of a article related to Super Mario 3. Just recently I started playing the older games on Virtual Console, and in addition to finding out a few secrets to Super Mario 2, I noticed some cool facts about Super Mario 3, and how it is very irregular to most of the games. I know every game is unique, but there are some qualities in a video game that only come once, you know? So without further ado…

Overview. Super Mario 3 actually is more of an fantasy-based game, giving a nice classical feel to it. Throughout the game Princess Toadstool sends you letters warning you of upcoming worlds, and she also gives you helpful items that are rare to find normally. Mario goes on a perilous journey to attempt to save the princess, but he has to first save the seven Kings of the Mushroom Kingdom, to whom were cursed by the Koopalings. After retrieving all seven magic scepters and helping the kings, there is word that Bowser found and kidnapped Princess Toadstool. Mario goes to the rescue, and after clearing many hard obstacles, he manages to make Bowser Ground Pound himself into a hole (just like in Super Mario 1, except there is no axe to cut the bridge, and there is no lava). With the princess saved, she thanks you and simply says “bye-bye”. It is truly a game of an honest value, however I will be depicting some features of it up next.

Various Power-Up Abilities. One of the most particularly interesting features of Super Mario 3, and what makes it especially fun is the Power-Up Items. Unlike Super Mario 1, this side-scrolling game doesn’t feature the default Power-Up item above the Mushroom being a Power Flower, but a Super Leaf that turns Mario into a Racoon. Racoon Mario can fly in the air with the help of his tail after he has ran a long distance and his “P”(Power) gauge is flashing. Racoon Mario doesn’t actually look like a Racoon, more-so does he look like a Cat. When I was younger and I played it on NES, I actually used to call him a Cat, because his sprite does look like one, and the box art could go either way =P . In fact a few days ago my older brother mentioned that he only sees him as a Cat, though as it is stated officially that he is Racoon Mario, there is another Racoon transformation that could sooner pass as Racoon Mario. This Power-Up item turns Mario into Tanooki Mario, which has the same abilities as Racoon Mario, except this one looks a little more like a Racoon, and by pressing down on the control pad, instead of him ducking, he turns into a stone statue and, for awhile he is immune to all attacks and enemies.

There are, of course, other Power-Up transformations, and some very peculiar ones at that. A classic one, Fire Mario, can shoot fire grenades, basically that form is just an enhanced normal-sized Mario. There is Frog Mario, and where the transformation isn’t so well on land (he hops instead of walking), he performs very well in water stages, and can swim very agile, swift and he can change directions very easily. And last but certainly not least, perhaps the best Power-Up Mario can turn into, Hammer Bro. Mario! Certainly it is much better than Fire Mario’s abilities, because if Mario ducks down he protects himself with his shell armor. He also can throw hammers in certain directions like the Hammer Bros..

The Airship Assaults. One of my favorite features in Super Mario 3, are the Airships. The Airships have army-related equipment, with cannons, Monty Moles that throw screwdrivers, and even scorching fire that is released out of unique cannons. I remember the side-scrolling events, and how hard it was not to be hit. The design of the Airships are quite dynamic, and it is fun how different they are from the previous games. The Koopalings made an interesting fight, however they seemed no more than push-overs to me, in fact out of all of them I only lost to the first one, Larry Koopa.

As I stated in the overview, the game has a fantasy feel, which is a nice touch. It is heroic of Mario to retrieve the magic scepters and fix the Kings to their normal, non-cursed states. What other game can you do that in? None that I have heard of, and of course it’d never be the same without our stout, Koopa-thrashing plumber of the Mushroom Kingdom.

I might write about more things in the future as I figure them out, but I believe it is pretty much covered =) .

-Elven Warrior

  1. squirmyloach
    July 23, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    mario 3 was pretty cool. good article

  2. July 24, 2009 at 3:50 pm

    Thank you, it makes me think of how good the older generation of games were: No iffy plot, instead it is classic and simple, the graphics are pixels, which is suprisingly much more fun than serious graphics, and lastly, the controls of the controller are always simple, yet benevolent to play.

  3. Dancing Pianta
    July 27, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    Good article! I liked the air ships, they were cool. Which level do you like the most?

  4. MushroomKnight
    July 28, 2009 at 9:13 pm

    neat article! mario 3 was one of the coolest games. i like the power up items feature the best in there. i like sky world best! cat marios(my favorite transformation) quite useful there too

  5. July 29, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    Good article! I liked the air ships, they were cool. Which level do you like the most?
    -Dancing Pianta

    Level 7, it’s kind of hard, but I always laugh at the level because it has sort of a stereo-typical gangster syndicate tune to it =P . But that is the level of most Piranha Plants, and Hammer Mario is especially useful there.

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