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Nope, Delfino Plaza is still a active site

August 27, 2009 2 comments


As the title says, I certainly haven’t abandoned Delfino Plaza, nor will I ever intend to. I am just basically getting sick of’s screwy setup, and where it may prove convenient for some people, I am actually planning on getting hosted again, though I am not sure when that day will be. All I know is I need to learn more about hosting/website mumbo-jumbo, including coding knowledge, and basically how to maintain a professional website. I will still continue to write articles for this site until the change officially happens, though that may not happen for months, so I wouldn’t get all excited yet =P .

Excellent news with the SM64 Star Guide! Course 1 – 11 is already completed! And I’m officially working on Course 12: Tall, Tall Mountain. Ciao for now, more work should be done within time


The Habitat of Overworld Monsters

August 16, 2009 2 comments


“Hey everyone! This is Mushroom Knight speaking, I’ve been a long time poster on Delfino Plaza and this is my first article
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New Staff Member

August 14, 2009 1 comment


I apologize if I was too busy to post this, but the day after Cloud joined as staff, another one followed. That one happens to be Mushroom Knight, and I am sure all of you can recognize him as being a active member. He’s a article devotee, which should be quite benefical to us. Welcome Mushroom Knight! May your new postion be well for you!

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New Staff Member Ahoy!


We have a new staff member, in only about two days too! His name is Cloud, and his role here will be to send me Super Mario Bros./Legend of Zelda-related news. Welcome here Cloud!

-Elven Warrior

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Staff – Staff Opening – New Theme – Upcoming Article/Poll

August 2, 2009 2 comments


Hello to those who are viewing this, I have been very busy lately, so Delfino Plaza “may” have appeared to be inactive, but just the opposite. I have been doing allot of underground work, and to help me and my work, I created a Staff Opening page, and a Staff page to contain all of the staff members of Delfino Plaza. Hopefully some people will apply and help me, as I cannot do too many multiple projects and expect them to turn out properly. If you are interested in helping Delfino Plaza, please visit that page.

We have also changed from that inadequate looking theme to this fresh theme with a green look to it. It comes with a customizable header option, so I’ll be getting one up later.

And lastly, there will be posts and polls to come, as soon as I can muster the time. I’ll be working on Zelda Eternity’s Image Gallery today, too, so I’ll probably be busy as usual.

-Elven Warrior