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The Habitat of Overworld Monsters


“Hey everyone! This is Mushroom Knight speaking, I’ve been a long time poster on Delfino Plaza and this is my first article

The world of the very first Zelda game has always interested me. Certain monsters seem to all have special environments they live in. I will discuss the kind of environments some of the monsters from LoZ seem to like.

The very first monster we will cover is the octorock. Octorocks in the plains of Hyrule. Covered with scarce shrubs and stones. The octorocks always seemed like dim-witted creatures to me how they just openly attack and easily fall for bait, so I think that when they are hunting they probably just run after their prey and spit rocks at it. Next up is the spider like monster, the Tektite. It seems that they live in lower mountain regions. Like real spiders they probably hide in the cracks of the mountain.
In the field and desert parts of Hyrule peahats and leevers are quite common. Moblins seem to prefer living in dense forests.
Moblins seem to be the most intelligent out of all the monsters judging by the fact that they can talk to you and some chose to secretly side with you over Ganon.
The last monster I will cover is one of my favorites, the lynel! Lynels live in packs around Death Mountain. They are very powerful and use human style weaponry(swords and shields).
As you saw, the Legend of Zelda leave allot to imagine. I think LoZ has some of the most interesting types of enemies to fight in it. I hope you enjoyed my article.”

Well there is only one thing I can say for this article: ‘short and sweet’, and very informative, too. Isn’t that cool? Thank you Mushroom Knight for the article donation, and as of which, I find very helpful because of my absense–Star Guides don’t write themselves!

(Do not post critcism in Mushroom Knight’s article, or any article for that matter)
-Elven Warrior


  1. squirmyloach
    August 23, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    ive been away too long. cool article i never would of thought of that

  2. August 23, 2009 at 9:41 pm

    I’ve been busy, too. But good article Mushroom Knight, I hope you continue to write for Delfino Plaza in the future, as I have big aspirations for it.

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