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The Habitat of Overworld Monsters

August 16, 2009 2 comments


“Hey everyone! This is Mushroom Knight speaking, I’ve been a long time poster on Delfino Plaza and this is my first article
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“The Life of a Zora”

July 13, 2009 6 comments

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Hello all, this article was written by Shinobi of Zelda Kingdom. It is an interesting article that will show you a few theoretical aspects about the Zora race. Take a looksee.
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Delfino Plaza Poll #7: Future Characters

July 4, 2009 4 comments

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Okay, a few things. One is that I am going to be busy uploading all the images of Mario, but like all gaming series, Mario is the main protagonist of Mario Bros., so, naturally he is bound to have the most pictures above all else, same goes with Link, in The Legend of Zelda series. Though once I upload and convert all of the Mario images into galleries, the rest should not even compare to half of the amount of Mario images that will be published. In other words: it’ll be an easy walk from there, though does take awhile and sometimes lags when you mass upload images >_> . Second, well, on to the poll of course! Read more…

Characteristics of the Quadruplets

July 1, 2009 4 comments

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Hi, I wrote a very interesting article that I am sure most people are fascinated with. It is based around the characteristics of the Four Sword Links. You’ll notice that their voices differ from one another, their personalities are all different (based on some official art, and the Manga), and they are all part of Link!
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Delfino Plaza Poll #6: Most Formidable Opponent

April 15, 2009 7 comments

Hi, welcome to the next Delfino Plaza Poll! This time I decided to make it a Zelda based one. In the Zeldaverse, there are dozens of different kinds of enemies. Some are more simplistic, such as the Octorok, or prehaps the Chu Chu, but there are very formidible foes that you will eventually cross swords with. Now, I am not going to list every single enemy from The Legend of Zelda series, I am just going to pick out the ones that more or less, give you the hardest time, and “keep you on your toes”. Read more…

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Character Review: Anju

March 29, 2009 7 comments

This time, I decided to write a Character Review, and, one of the most mysterious characters are none other then Anju herself. There are several games that she is in, and I will to review and write about them. I have a few theorys planned for her, and I hope you find them the same way I do, as well. Anju, typically takes care of Cucoos, but, commonly in most Zelda games, she gets “goose bumps” from them, and they get away from her – out of their pen. Which is always a perfect opportunity for Link to find them for her, and she’ll reward you.
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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

March 26, 2009 4 comments

Not to pass up the Delfino Plaza Poll: #2, but a new trailer was released, showing the upcoming Zelda game, Spirit Tracks.

Trailer of Spirit Tracks

From what I get out of it, Link is yet again cel-shaded, and he rides a magical train. The game looks extremely simmilar to the most recent Zelda game: Phantom Hourglass. But, Zelda is in the game, not kidnapped or captured, but she most likely will–I am anticipating. There are a few more items in it, and it even looks as though you can eventually control a Phantom-ish Knight from Phantom Hourglass. The world obviously doesn’t revolve around the sea, rather you use a train to navigate around on solid ground. The trailer says it is for Nintendo DS, but in the video, the Nintendo DS strongly resembles the Nintendo DSi. That’s what I found, and thank you for your patience.