Name: Michael
Date of Birth: 1996, 04, 08
Username: Elven Warrior
Role: Webmaster
Experience of said job: As the founder and owner of Delfino Plaza, I have full superiority over all of the staff jobs listed, but to put it truly; I am the first Image Render to have ever rended any images on Delfino Plaza, and where I am good at rending, I really don’t have the time to do that too often. I am a qualified writer, and obviously if you look at the articles I have wrote for this site, you will know that the position is well-fitted for someone such as me. I do not rip information from other fansites, I do however, state news if Nintendo had released said, information officially. And lastly I made all the graphical-related images on this site unless otherwise noted and made by someone else.
Interests: Maintaining Delfino Plaza, the Super Mario 64 Star Guide project, writing, chatting with friends
Favorite Legend of Zelda Fansite: Zelda Eternity

Cloud Avy
Name: Ace Olsen
Date of Birth: 2009, o1, 14
Username: Cloud
Role: News writer
Experience of said job: Well, i don’t rip off news from other sites, if that’s good enough
Interests: (will be filled out)
Favorite Legend of Zelda Fansite: Zelda Eternity

Name: Mark
Username: Mushroom Knight
Role: Article Devotee
Experience of said job: I write a lot of stories for school
Interests: The Zelda and Mario series

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