Staff Opening

Hello, here is where you can apply to be a staff member of Delfino Plaza. Delfino Plaza is in desperate need of staff members due to how busy I have gotten lately. One man can do a one man job, but how can one man do a job which is worth the work of four men? Simple; they can’t, at least they cannot do it quick enough. The staff positions that are open are:

Image Render: One position I most especially need, I am not so great at making Super Mario Bros., or The Legend of Zelda images’ backgrounds 100% transparent, because where I think it looks good, there’s always a big amount of white lines around the image when I put it on a black background. I have to rend more than 200 images, and it’d be appreciated if people could get me some help with this. All the requirements are is that you have an experience of graphics, and that you know how to make images look good on black backgrounds, and the actual image is not choppy afterwards. The image doesn’t have to be perfectly rended, just well enough where the entire white background is gone.

Author/Article Devotee: Articles are THEE, most important focus here at Delfino Plaza. It’s where fans of the Super Mario Bros. series, and The Legend of Zelda series devote their opinions, imagination, and appreciation into well-thought out articles. The only requirements are that you do not swear or curse in your articles, and basically follow Delfino Plaza’s rules. A article devotee would be someone who sends me articles via e-mail and lets me publish them, other than that of a author who gains full ability to write and publish posts via the WordPress dashboards. These positions aren’t that different from each other, it mainly depends on preference. You must also know the English language, and be well with your grammar. Your language doesn’t have to be perfect–just readable.

News Writer: As the name implies, someone who can gather up some Super Mario Bros./Legend of Zelda news. The only thing you can’t do is take information from other fansites, I will have none of that. A News Writer sends me their news via e-mail and I’ll publish it, giving that person due credit.

Graphical Designer: A job for those skilled in graphics. I could use the help of anyone who can make nice affiliation buttons, banners, avatars, etc., stuff for Delfino Plaza. There are no requirements than that of what is stated above.

These are the positions that I am in most need of, and if you wish to become a staff member of Delfino Plaza, send me a e-mail via xxelvenwarriorxx[at]gmail[dot]com (or you can post in the comments section) and fill out this form with the subject stating, “Staff Application” (additional information can be added):

Real name (optional):
Date of Birth (optional):
Staff job you’re applying for:
Experience of said job:
100×100 Avatar URL address (if you do not own one, I can make one for you if you give me a description and image for it):
Interests (optional):
Favorite Legend of Zelda Fansite (optional):
Anything else (optional):

I sure need the help, so if you are willing to lend me a hand, it’d be most appreciated =) .

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