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New Staff Member Ahoy!


We have a new staff member, in only about two days too! His name is Cloud, and his role here will be to send me Super Mario Bros./Legend of Zelda-related news. Welcome here Cloud!

-Elven Warrior

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Staff – Staff Opening – New Theme – Upcoming Article/Poll

August 2, 2009 2 comments


Hello to those who are viewing this, I have been very busy lately, so Delfino Plaza “may” have appeared to be inactive, but just the opposite. I have been doing allot of underground work, and to help me and my work, I created a Staff Opening page, and a Staff page to contain all of the staff members of Delfino Plaza. Hopefully some people will apply and help me, as I cannot do too many multiple projects and expect them to turn out properly. If you are interested in helping Delfino Plaza, please visit that page.

We have also changed from that inadequate looking theme to this fresh theme with a green look to it. It comes with a customizable header option, so I’ll be getting one up later.

And lastly, there will be posts and polls to come, as soon as I can muster the time. I’ll be working on Zelda Eternity’s Image Gallery today, too, so I’ll probably be busy as usual.

-Elven Warrior

Inconsistency of a Busy Man

Chrono Avatar

Hello all, I apologize for the little bit of inactiveness around here, but I have been writing an article for Delfino Plaza, which is going sort of slow because I am not happy with it – it seems way too short. *Puts on reading glasses* ah yes, I’ll be uploading the Villains & Enemies page (sorry Bowser, there are too little images of you to have your own page, it is all about quanity) soon time soon, and I am about 26% complete in the Super Mario 64 Star Guide, you can’t rush these things you know! Currently the next course for me to write in the guide is course 5: Big-Boos Haunt (that’s right, I’ve covered course 1 – 4 so far, all with the additional 100 coin tips, sounds exciting, huh?), which should be fun, and I should be able to get done with that one fast because it is more of an simple course.

Well that’s it for now, the article may be up in a few days, I definitely have to tweak it more, hopefully Dancing Pianta will be able to give me some advice. I also might change the Author Avatar, but there is only so much one can do with avatars.

“Stop running this script?”

July 5, 2009 1 comment

Chrono Avatar

A problem enveloped while I was uploading images. This happened last night when I was working, this morning, and a few minutes ago. When you make a Gallery for people to post inside the actual images, if you expect them to be organized and in proper order you adjust their numbers, all from 1, to…1000 lets just say (though I’d never upload that many images on one page). Well when I checked to fix them (I uploaded fifty-seven images total) the whole page lagged me down, everything was frozen, I couldn’t click on anything, and eventually an error popped up stating:

“Stop running this script?

The script of this page is slowing down Internet Explorer. Click yes to end this script. If this continues, your computer may become unresponsive.”

And generally I clicked [No] because I think if I click [Yes] everything I was working with wouldn’t save. WordPress has an autosave feature, but I still have my doubts if it would save in time. WordPress runs slow enough to begin with. There isn’t much left to say, I just wanted you all to know how things are faring my efforts. In good news, I published the fully-completed Mario page! Go and check it out, but you may have to wait awhile for all the images to load.

(Oh, and I suppose this could be stated as good news, my Grandma is searching for a book she has called “HTML for Dummies”, not to say that I am indeed a dummy, but it potencially could teach me HTML–the first coding knowledge that leads to another, and another.

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