Item: Biggoron Sword
Description: A large sword only able to be obtained by completing a trade quest. It reaches much longer and is significantly more powerful then swords like the Master Sword. It is two-handed and Link cannot use his shield with it.

Item: Bomb Bag
Description: A bag made to carry Bombs. The largest Bomb Bag you can claim would be a Bomb Bag with the capacity of 50 Bombs.

Item: Bomb
Description: A Bomb’s standard purpose is to blow up cracked or suspicious walls. However, it is also very handy in battle, and can pierce through even the strongest of enemies. This special weapon is always found in grass, rocks, and the likes.

Item: Boomerang
Description: A handy item that will generally always return to its master. The Magical Boomerang can stun certain enemies and can hit hard-to-reach glass switches most of the time.

Item: Boots
Description: Standard state-of-the-art boots that keep Link’s feet warm.

Item: Bottle
Description: Bottles are probably the most convenient and useful item you will ever obtain on your quest. You can hold all kinds of potions and magical potents to keep inside and carry with you! Bottles can be found usually by completing sidequests for others. You can carry up to 4 bottles.

Item: Bow and Arrow
Description: A must-have item that has been the most popular item throughout Zelda history. You can shoot arrows from afar or close up. The Bow and Arrow is usually very effective against any type of enemy, besides enemies with armor. Arrows can also shoot switches, targets, and the like. Arrows are very common to find in certain areas.

Item: Deku Nut
Description: A hard nut that when thrown can stun enemies. The maximum quantity you can carry with you is about 40. They are commonly found in grass.

Item: Deku Seeds
Description: These seeds are your ammo for the Slingshot. Very common to find.

Item: Deku Shield
Description: A small, wooden shield. This shield Link can block enemy attacks, and can freely move about whilst guarding. However, this shield will burn when hit by enemies wielding fire; notably Fire Keese.

Item: Deku Stick
Description: A small stick. It can be wielded as a two-handed sword but breaks after 2 attacks. Its most convenient purpose is if you hold it up to a flared torch, the stick will turn on fire, and you will be able to use it either as a torch, or burn things such a spider webs.

Item: Gold Gauntlet
Description: The Gold Gauntlet enables you to lift and/or move humongous blocks. The upgrade to the Silver Gauntlet.

Item: Goron Tunic
Description: This heat-resistant tunic will protect you from temperatures of intense heat. You can also resist lava for close to 5 seconds.

Item: Heart Container
Description: A Heart Container gives Link more life energy. Heart Containers are only received after defeating a dungeon boss. Its counterpart, Heart Pieces, are scattered all across Hyrule. Heart Containers instantly count as a whole, whereas Heart Pieces need 4 to make a whole.

Item: Hookshot
Description: The Hookshot can hook to high, hard to reach targets, in which it can pull Link up to these targets which usually consist on ledges, steep cliffs, or high up on the walls. Along with the Hookshot, there is also the Longshot. Which is the same as the Hookshot except its reach is extended. In battle, the Hookshot can also stun enemies.

Item: Hylian Shield
Description: The Hylian Shield is the same as the Deku Shield, except it is made out of metal, and can never burn.

Item: Iron Boots
Description: The Iron Boots allow Link to sink down underwater, can walk on its seafloor. Whereas regular boots only allow Link to swim atop the water. Without the Zora Tunic however, Link’s time underwater is limited. On land, Iron Boots are like a handicap, for they are too heavy for Link to walk at his full speed.

Item: Kokiri Tunic
Description: Link’s standard tunic that he has had since his childhood.

Item: Lens of Truth
Description: The Lens of Truth can see things that the naked eye can’t see. You can look through walls and notice that the walls were never there, and sometimes even enemies are invisible! It also consumes Link’s magic power.

Item: Master Sword
Description: The sword of evils bane. This sword is Link’s default sword. He can use this sword along with his shield and has medium strength.

Item: Megaton Hammer
Description: This hammer is so enormous and powerful, that it can even break blocks, pieces of junk, and can press down rusty switches. It is also very convenient in battle too.

Item: Mirror Shield
Description: Unlike the Deku or Hylian Shields, the Mirror Shield can deflect ray of light, and magical energy. Its Link’s best shield. 

Item: Ocarina of Time
Description: This is the instrument that Link can play melodys with. Link can learn over 10 songs–each with their own unique effects.


Item: Quiver
Description: A quiver made to carry arrows. The largest Quiver you can obtain would be a Quiver with the capacity of 50 arrows. 

Item: Silver Gauntlet
Description: The Silver Gauntlet allows Link to move and/or push large blocks.

Item: Slingshot
Description: You can shot Deku Seeds from the Slingshot. You can shoot from afar or close up. It is effective against some enemies but can only stun the majority.

Item: Zora Tunic
Description: This tunic while underwater, prevents Link from choking from lack of oxygen.

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